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Fort Kochi Beach   Kochi

One of the most beautiful beaches in Kerala, Fort Kochi Beach is situated around 12 km away from the Kochi city. Its main attraction is Cochin Carnival, which is celebrated at the time a week before New Year. Fort Kochi is a small village close to the suburbs of the main city. It holds attraction for tourists because of panoramic beaches all along the coastline and old Victorian era styled bungalows, a reminiscent of the European settlements. This location was the first settlement of the Europ

Cherai Beach   Kochi

Cherai beach is at the end of Vypeen Island, one of the many tiny islands off the shoreline. This panoramic island can be easily reached by boat and land. I The panoramic Cherai beach is at the end of Vypeen Island, one of the many tiny islands off the shoreline. This panoramic island can be easily reached by boat and land. This isolated yet enchanting beach is far away from commercial activities, cocooned by palm and coconut trees, azure waters and golden sand. There are a variety of water spor

Marine Drive   Kochi

Marine Drive is a 1.75 km long beautiful promenade, which has been built facing the backwaters of Kochi. Featuring numerous shopping malls and fast food joints, this place is an important hub of economic activities in Kochi. Tourists visit this place during evenings, to catch a glimpse of rising sun over the sea mouth. The Marine Drive walkway begins from the High Court Junction and stretches until the Rajendra Maidan. Towards the northern part of this walkway is a Public Ground, which is the

Chinese Fishing Nets   Kochi

Chinese fishing nets (Cheena vala) are fishing nets that are fixed land installations for fishing. While commonly known as "Chinese fishing nets" in India, the more formal name for such nets is "shore operated lift nets". Huge mechanical contrivances hold out horizontal nets of 20 m or more across. Each structure is at least 10 m high and comprises a cantilever with an outstretched net suspended over the sea and large stones suspended from ropes as counterweights at the other end. Each installat

Mattancherry Palace   Kochi

The palace is a quadrangular structure built in Nalukettu style, the traditional Kerala style of architecture, with a courtyard in the middle. In the courtyard there stands a small temple dedicated to Pazhayannur Bhagavati, the protective goddess of the Kochi royal family. There are two more temples on either side of the Palace, one dedicated to Lord Krishna and the other to Lord Siva. Certain elements of architecture, as for example the nature of its arches and the proportion of its chambers ar

St Francis Church   Kochi

St. Francis CSI Church, in Fort Kochi (aka. Fort Cochin), originally built in 1503, is the oldest European church in India[1] and has great historical significance as a mute witness to the European colonial struggle in the subcontinent.[2][3] The Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama died in Kochi in 1524 when he was on his third visit to India. His body was originally buried in this church, but after fourteen years his remains were removed to Lisbon

Jew Town   Kochi

It has been known that Jewish settled in Kochi as early as 700 BC for trade and commerce. The population rose and the reigning Hindu king gave them a whole area for their own town. Today Jew Town is a unique feature of Kochi. Even though a multitude of Jews immigrated to Israel or converted, the region is still a Jewish township and you can see the traditions, customs and the old world charm here. The Jewish Synagogue is a must see

Chottanikkara Temple   Kochi

Chottanikkara temple is dedicated to the Goddess Bhagawati, one of the most popular deities of Kerala. Besides, this temple is also enshrined with the deity of Lord Vishnu. The principal deity in this temple is Goddess Rajeshwari, which is worshipped in three different forms. Devotees worship the deity as goddess Saraswati in the morning, goddess Badrakali in the afternoon, while goddess Durga in the evening. Interestingly, the idol of the goddess mounted on sand instead of being fixed on the

Bolghatty Palace   Kochi

Bolghatty Palace was originally built by Dutch traders in 1744 and it is the oldest of its kind that exists outside Holland. The palace is a two-storied building with, well-decorated bedchambers and a huge lounge wherein historical portraits are displayed. The resort offers palace and executive suites, deluxe rooms, and honey moon and lake front cottages along the edge of the backwaters for stay

Kashi Art Cafe   Kochi

As the name suggests it is a place where art lovers can admire art and get refreshments at the same time. In short it is a place to enjoy and relax. The cafe was started in 1997 in Fort Kochi by two art lovers Anoop Skaria and Dorrie Younger. In 2003, they expanded and got another space with the same objective in Mattancherry. The idea behind this is sure to touch the souls of all artists and art lovers. Kashi Art cafe provides a platform for all talented artists who have no support structure to

The Lighthouse   Kochi

The Lighthouse is located at the southern end of Kovalam Beach, at a hillock named Kurumkal. Due to this lighthouse, the southern end of the Kovalam Beach is called as Lighthouse Beach. This lighthouse is 30 metres long and is painted in red and white colour. Tourists visiting this lighthouse can climb the 142 spiral stairs to reach the observation platform, from where views of Beemapalli Mosque and Poovar are available

Lighthouse Beach   Kochi

Lighthouse beach is the largest of the three beaches along Malabar Coast. The Lighthouse is the main attraction of this beach. The lighthouse has an observation platform, which can be reached by climbing 142 steps. Tourists can get a view of Beemapalli Mosque in one direction and Poovar on the other