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Alibaug Beach   Alibaug

Alibag is a coastal town and municipal council in Raigad district of Maharashtra. Alibaug Beach is one of the prominent beaches of Alibaug. Among all the beaches, Alibaug Beach has the blackest sand deposits. There is a mazar of Ali Shah Bawa in the middle of the town and the beach has been named after him. He was a rich man and owned many plantations of mangoes and coconuts in his gardens. Hence the locals used to call the place "Alichi Bagh" (Marathi for "Gardens of Ali"), or simply "Alibag",

Kihim Beach   Alibaug

Kihim beach is a famous tourist destination near Alibaug, and offers a complete break from urban pressures. Spend time at this long and wide beach and let the sight of an ocean and the soft rhythm of the waves lapping at the shore soothe your nerves At just 100 kilometres from Mumbai, the most favoured aspect of Kihim is its easy accessibility. It can be reached by ferry or catamaran and by road. Boat services are available from 6 am to 7 pm from September to May from the Gateway of India to Ma

Nagaon beach   Alibaug

Nagaon Beach is a beautiful beach situated 7 km from Alibaug on Alibaug-Revdanda route in the Raigad District of Maharashtra. The beach is surrounded by suru trees and cypress grove and is visited by number of tourists for its clean water. Water sports like boat ride, kayaking and island trips can also be enjoyed by the tourists. This site is popular for picnic and weekend getaway, as there are numerous cottages, holiday homes, farmhouses and bungalows. Moreover, the beach is also famous amo

Varsoli beach   Alibaug

Varsoli Beach is located on the outskirts of Alibaug in Varsoli, which is a small satellite hamlet. Though this beach serves as a naval base, tourists can enjoy the white sand and clean water. Moreover, the beach is dotted with numerous coconut and casuarina trees.

Mandwa Beach   Alibaug

Mandwa is a village in Raigad district,. It is popular as a weekend beach destination from Mumbai city, mainly because of the direct Ferry services available near Mandwa Beach to and from Mumbai. Mandwa Beach is located 20 km north of Alibaug. The village of Mandwa, which is also located nearby, attracts visitors due to the presence of dense coconut trees. Chaul is also a popular tourist spot situated near the beach. This place is known for a church, Buddhist caves, a synagogue, a temple and s

Kulaba Fort   Alibaug

Kolaba Fort is an old military fortification in India. It is situated in the sea at a distance of 1–2 km from the shores of Alibag, 35 km south of Mumbai, in the Konkan region of India. It is a popular tourist destination and a protected monument. The first mention of Kolaba fort is when it was chosen by Shivaji to be fortified after the whole of South Konkan became free. In 1662, he strengthened and fortified Kolaba fort to make it one of his chief naval stations. The command of the fort was g

Kanakeshwar Forest   Alibaug

Kanakeshwar, on the Konkan coast near Alibags, is a popular place, famous for its cool climate and the old temple of Lord Shiva. The temple is situated on a small hill near the village of Mapgaon which is almost 12 km from Alibag. The hill is almost 1200 feet high and one has to climb 700 - 750 steps to reach the temple. In the mid of the hill one can see "Nagobacha Tappa" (a Place of Snakes) and the famous step called "Devachi Payari" named because, it is said, God himself stepped here after t

Akshi Beach   Alibaug

Akshi Beach is located at a distance of around 5 km from Alibaug town in a hamlet Akshi. It is a white sand beach with numerous suru trees present along the coast. The beach is frequented by tourists in large number as a variety of birds and different flora can be seen at the beach. Akshi Beach has clean water and is ideal for swimming purposes. Moreover, tourists interested in local literature can also explore an old epigraph dating back to 1012 AD.

Vikram Vinayak temple   Alibaug

Vikram Vinayak Mandir (also called Birla Mandir) is co located near the Vikram Ispat industry premise. It is located along the Revdanda Bridge, which is twenty km from Alibaug. Vikram Vinayak temple perched on a small hillock the temple is tucked amidst beautiful gardens with fountains. The magnificent dome of the temple is built in white granite and it is home to idols of Lord Shiva with his consort Parvati, Lord Krishna with Radha, Surya Dev and Goddess Durga.

Someshwar Temple   Alibaug

Someshwar Temple is an ancient Hindu temple in Akshi, which is situated at a distance of 3 km from Alibaug. It was built by Satavahana rulers and the structure reflects the architectural style of their ruling period. A popular story is associated with the temple that Lord Shiva also known as Someshwar drank poison. Hence, devotees and tourists from all over visit the temple to seek blessings of the lord.